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Performances of recent works by Curtis K. Hughes in Somerville and Medford, Massachusetts, on May 10 and May 11, 2019.



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String Quartet No. 1 (2000)

2 violins, viola, cello




Recorded in 2002 at 7A West Studios, Charlestown, MA.
The Kaya Quartet: Biliana Voutchova & Piotr Buczek - violins; Stephen King - viola; Agnieszka Dziubak - cello

from the album AVOIDANCE TACTICS (Cauchemar CD001). Download available for purchase from the iTunes store. CD available from the store.

I. constraint #1

II. conceit #1

III. constraint #2

IV. conceit #2

V. constraint #3

VI. conceit #3


available upon request in PDF or printed formats. (Contact the composer for details.)
Score Samples:
I. (constraint #1)
II. (conceit #1)
III. (constraint #2)
IV. (conceit #2)

Program Notes:

My first String Quartet (composed in 1999-2000) explores (in alternating movements) a contrast between two extremely different manners of writing music. The "constraint" movements are each limited to a very small number of musical ideas, while the "conceit" movements are uninhibited streams of associated thoughts. As these two worlds of music proceed independently, they diverge increasingly, culminating in the final two movements which represent, in succession, extremes of each line of development. Along the way, a variety of contrasting musical languages are touched upon, including an obsessively cyclical composite of interlocking rhythmic patterns in the 3rd movement, and a 24-tone (microtonal) equal temperament in the 4th movement.