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Performances of recent works by Curtis K. Hughes in Somerville and Medford, Massachusetts, on May 10 and May 11, 2019.



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Myopia II (2003)

Saxophone Ensemble [3 soprano, 3 alto, 3 tenor, 3 baritone]




Recorded 9/26/10 at Killian Hall, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA.
Philipp Stäudlin, Michael Ibrahim, Eric Hewitt - soprano saxophones
Eliot Gattegno, Rebecca Wellons, Jennifer Bill - alto saxophones
Tsuyoshi Honjo, Dennis Shafer, Jon Amon - tenor saxophones
Derek Beckvold, Steven Bodner, Sean Wright - baritone saxophones
Jeffrey Means - conductor

from the album DANGER GARDEN (Cauchemar CD002). Download available for purchase from the iTunes store. CD available here.


Score and 12 parts available for purchase through Radnofsky/Couper Editions.

Program Notes:

“Myopia 2,” written for the centennial celebration of Boston’s Jordan Hall, is a one-way journey through an ever-changing landscape of textures created by twelve saxophones, sometimes behaving as a collective of distinct individuals, and sometimes behaving like a single, gigantic organism. It is one of an ongoing series of compositions which explore a kind of aural “myopia” in which successive musical events are at first indistinct and then come rapidly into focus.