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Performances of recent works by Curtis K. Hughes in Somerville and Medford, Massachusetts, on May 10 and May 11, 2019.


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"insult to injury" (2003)

violin, piano


Movement 1: "Tirade - Plateau - Retreat" - 13'30"
Movement 2: "Travesty - Cadenza - Epilogue" - 8'


Recorded November 2010 at Christiansen Recital Hall, Concordia College, Moorhead MN.
Benjamin Sung - violin; Jihye Chang - piano

from the album Flux Flummoxed: New American Music for Violin and Piano (Troy1422). Download available for purchase from the iTunes store. CD available from Albany Records.

Movement 1: "Tirade - Plateau - Retreat"

Movement 2: "Travesty - Cadenza - Epilogue"

available upon request in PDF or printed formats. (Contact the composer for details.)
Click here for 1st movement score sample. Click here for 2nd movement score sample.

Program Notes:

"insult to injury," originally composed for violinist Biliana Voutchkova and pianist Sarah Bob, includes a volatile mix of aggression and introspection. It is perhaps my most emotionally naked piece of chamber music, as it was written in 2003 under the influence of vehement, visceral reactions to politics and international events taking place during the same year. It is, therefore, program music of a sort, but its implied narrative can be interpreted by different listeners in different ways. The first movement, by far the longer of the two, is mostly quite furiously confrontational until it reaches a pinnacle of intensity, and then gradually withdraws into stillness and resignation. The second movement is much more humorous, if caustic, and features a cartoon-like cyclical interplay between the instruments.